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Roof repairs, including gutters and downpipes

Roof leaks can be very difficult to isolate. Often the leak will show up in a different location from where the leak enters the roof – as the water can travel along rafters and beams. Roof leaks can occur for a range of reasons. The roof may have insufficient fall. Valleys (the v shaped channels where two different angles of a roof meet) can become blocked or rusted. Possums can climb in under your roof capping, causing damage. Skylights and chimneys are a common cause.

Pav Plumbing has significant experience investigating and locating leaks in tiled roofs and metal roofs. And we are happy to work with your insurance company where a claim is involved.

We are also able to assist with repairing or replacing gutters and downpipes, and other roof repairs.

Gutters, downpipes and general roof repairs.

  • Fixing roof leaks - locating and resolving the most difficult leaks (metal roofs and tiled roofs)
  • Skylight leaks and flashing, and chimney leaks and flashing
  • Re-pointing ridge capping and valley replacements
  • Gutters and downpipes, including installation and repairs
  • Installation of leaf guard

Important note about investigating roof leaks

The best time to locate a roof leak is while it is raining – and while we can't necessarily get up on the roof if the rain is heavy, we can get up into the roof space. This is beneficial in identifying the source (or sources) of the leak.

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