Sections of PVC pipe

Installation and repair of toilet macerators and pumps

A macerator can be installed where a toilet is located below the sewer drain pipe and there is insufficient fall for the sewage. When the toilet is flushed, the macerator will grind human waste to a fluid, and will generally include a built-in pump for pumping the fluid into the sewer system. This enables a toilet (or shower or wash basin) to be installed almost anywhere.

Pav Plumbing can provide professional advice on installing a toilet macerator and pump, and has experience resolving issues that can arise with the macerator. This includes blocked or jammed macerators, or where the pump ceases working. We regularly install Sanipro Silence, Saniplus Silence and Sanislim macerators from Saniflo, as well as the XS, L, Fit and LS range from Ciclon.

Arrange a plumber to install, repair or replace a macerating toilet.

  • Supplying and installing toilet macerators
  • Fixing macerators that have become blocked or jammed
  • Repairing or replacing macerator pumps that have stopped working
  • Experienced with all major manufacturers, including Saniflo, Ciclon and Mono Pumps

Low noise and concealed macerators available

Low noise toilet macerators are available from a number of manufacturers, and units can be concealed behind a demountable panel or under the floor to maintain the appearance of the bathroom. Call our office or ask one of our experienced plumbers for more information.

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