Newly installed insinkerator disposal unit

Pav Plumbing specialises in insinkerator repairs and installations

Not sure who to call when your insinkerator stops working? Our plumbers have extensive experience fixing all types of insinkerator issues. If it can happen to an insinkerator, chances are we've seen it. And we've fixed it.

Operating throughout the Sydney metro area, our plumbers are also fully qualified to install new or replacement insinkerators. Where it is necessary to replace an insinkerator, our vehicles carry stock of the InSinkErator 46 model - and we are also able to supply and install the InSinkErator 55 and 65 models, and the Evolution 100 and 200 models. Or we are more than happy to install an inskinkerator that you have bought.

We get insinkerators with even the most stubborn issues working properly again.

  • Fixing insinkerators that have stopped working
  • Repairing and resetting insinkerators that have jammed blades and/or have lost power
  • Maintenance of older insinkerators - including removing from the sink, completely flushing out, and then resetting and re-installing
  • Installation of new or replacement insinkerators
  • Removal where a sink garbage disposal unit is no longer required

About insinkerators

An insinkerator is a mechanical appliance with blades to grind food waste for disposal down the kitchen sink, and is also commonly referred to as a sinkerator or sink erator. Once installed below the sink, leftovers including vegetables and other food scraps can be safely grinded and washed down the drain rather than added to the garbage. This can be a hygienic and convenient way to dispose of food waste, and according to research conducted by Pure Profile may be more environmentally friendly.

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