Environmental benefits of insinkerators

Many residents eager to be more eco-responsible around the home will find the kitchen is a great place to start, with insinkerators providing a number of environmental benefits.

Food waste now accounts for up to 30 per cent of all household generated waste which places pressure on landfill and increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Homeowners can dramatically reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill by installing a food waste disposal unit (like an insinkerator) - an efficient, economical, environmentally-responsible and hygienic way of disposing of leftovers.

Research conducted this year by leading food waste disposal unit provider InSinkErator found that while Australian homeowners use their recycling bins weekly and always try to do the right thing when disposing of food waste, apartment living, lack of waste options and knowledge prevented them from doing so#.

The research revealed a small proportion of consumers use home composting systems^, and while this can have benefits it’s an impractical option for many.

Food waste disposal units create a cleaner kitchen and are safe to the environment, using little water and power:

  • Food waste disposal units are not water guzzlers and use less than six litres of water per day, (equivalent to a single toilet flush or 0.1 washes of a 4.5 star machine);
  • A four minute shower uses as much water as an insinkerator unit would in 11 days;
  • The daily power consumption of an insinkerator is equivalent to using a 60W light globe for 9.7 minutes – or an LCD TV for three minutes;
  • Food disposal units are proven to not overload or place undue pressure on sewage systems.

Disposal units like InSinkErator work by grinding food scraps into small particles and safely flushing them into the existing waste water system. Insinkerators can cope with a variety of food scraps including small bones, onion skins and fruit peel.

When correctly installed and used, insinkerators last for years and can have up to a five year in-home warranty, need little maintenance, fit neatly under the sink and come in a range of styles to suit any home, apartment and budget.

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#Research was conducted by research agency Pure Profile in September 2008: 56% of surveyed respondents said they used their recycling bins weekly but wanted to do more; 23.11% of respondents always tried to do the right thing when disposing of leftovers.
^20.12% of surveyed respondents used home composting systems.

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