Changing to gas hot water

When it comes to gas hot water, two types are of heaters can be installed to supply hot water to the baths, showers and sinks around your home - continuous flow heaters and storage heaters.

Both continuous flow and storage gas heaters are generally more energy efficient than electric hot water heaters, and this means better for the environment. If you do have a gas connection but are currently using an electric unit, it may be worth considering switching next time you need a replacement heater. Often all that is required is to extend your connection to the location of your heater.

Continuous flow gas hot water heaters are often actually as efficient and eco-friendly as solar hot water heaters. This is because water is only heated as it is being used, and when a temperature control unit is installed, you are able to set a precise temperature when you take a shower or bath. This means that you are only heating up the water to the desired temperature, rather than heating the water and then adding cold to bring it down to the desired temperature. Call us to find out more. Another great advantage with a continuous flow heater is that they save a lot of space, as they are only the size of a large briefcase. (Continuous flow gas hot water heaters aren't recommended for low pressure gas areas.)

When installing a continuous flow gas hot water system, a gas meter regulator upgrade may be required if your existing regulator is inadequate. A storage heater may thus be preferred. We can supply and install or fix all brands. With older units the pilot light has a tendency to go out. If you are having difficulty with your unit, a plumber will be able to relight the pilot on your gas hot water system.

As licensed gasfitters, Pav Plumbing can assist with any gas hot water needs - including the installation of a new continuous flow or storage heater, or the repair of an existing continuous flow or storage heater - even if all that is required is relighting the pilot on a difficult service.

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