Drain camera inspections of blocked sewer and stormwater lines

Where a blocked drain reoccurs - or where the blockage is particularly severe - a drain camera can be run down the sewer or stormwater line to identify the exact cause and location of a blocked drain. Drain cameras can be slowly guided along the length of the drain, and relay video of the condition of the inside of the pipe using closed circuit television (CCTV). Any broken sections of pipe or objects impeding the line will be visible to the plumber operating the drain camera, and the underlying issue can then be fixed in the most appropriate and efficient manner.

Watch an example drain camera video

Prevent a reoccurring blocked sewer or stormwater line with a drain camera

Simply clearing the blocked sewer or stormwater line does not reveal what actually caused the drain to block. A high pressure water jetter or an electric eel will remove the blockage, but more often than not this is the equivalent of treating the symptoms. These tools, though effective in clearing blocks, do not help a plumber to definitely determine what caused the blockage, and without knowing this it can be difficult to address the real cause. Running a drain camera down the line would be conclusive.

A drain camera would show that, for instance, a section of broken pipe needs to be replaced. Where the underlying cause of a blocked drain is tree roots, simply clearing the blockage with a water jetter or electric eel will only be a short-term solution. The breach will remain in the sewer line, unseen unless a drain camera inspection is carried out. The break will often act as a 'lip' that catches anything that is flushed, leading to further blockages. And it will only be a matter of time before the tree roots grow into the line again once they have found access to the water that originally attracted them. The drain camera recording would show all this, and the section of broken pipe could be then replaced to permanently prevent that blocked sewer reoccurring.

Having a complete understanding of the issue before picking up a shovel also enables a more targeted solution, saving significant time and money. Excavating and replacing a small section of damaged pipe may be all that is required, rather than replacing the entire line.

Blockages must be cleared in advance of sending a drain camera down the line, but both can be completed consecutively in the same visit. If you do have a drain camera inspection carried out, make sure you ask the plumber for a recording. This will be useful if you want to delay repairing any damaged sections of pipe, or you decide to use a different plumber.

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