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Blocked drains flowing again in next to no time

Pav Plumbing specialises in blocked drains. Our vehicles carry high pressure water jetters which are the most effective tool for clearing blocked drains, and our experienced plumbers will be able to quickly get your drain cleared and flowing smoothly again.

Where required, Pav Plumbing is also able to complete a thorough inspection using a specialised drain camera, enabling us to identify any structural problems that may cause the drain to re-block.

Why use a drain camera when clearing a blocked drain?

Simply put, the majority of drains re-block after being cleared. By using a drain camera at the time of clearing the blocked drain, our plumber will be able to identify the exact cause and location of the blockage, and ensure that it has been completely removed.

Important note - read this before arranging a plumber

When arranging a plumber always ask what equipment they will use to clear the blocked drain. Be wary of $100 blocked drain specials - these specials are designed to entice customers to call and generally only include the use of a handheld drain auger, which is a hand tool that only extends to about one metre. This means that unless the blockage is within one metre, it is completely ineffective. In the majority of cases the job suddenly becomes a lot more expensive when the plumber is unable to clear the blockage with the drain auger.

To properly clear a blocked drain, make sure your plumber uses a water jetter (as used by Pav Plumbing) or an electric eel.

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