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Professional BBQ gas conversion - trusted to convert

Pav Plumbing is ready to assist with professional BBQ conversions from LPG to natural gas for all types of BBQs - including built-in BBQs, portable BBQs, freestanding BBQs and outdoor kitchens.

Trust our conversions - we are licensed gasfitters and are fully insured. We work with some of the largest BBQ chains in Australia who refer their clients to Pav Plumbing to assist with BBQ construction and gas conversion.

We can also help with erecting your new BBQ if you would like assistance. This includes making sure that the location is safe and meets fire restriction rules. It's too important to mess around with something as explosive as gas.

BBQ conversion and installation by licensed gasfitters.

  • Conversion of all types of BBQs from LPG to natural gas
  • Constructing the BBQ where assistance is required
  • Installing new bayonet points and running the gas supply to the desired location
  • Connecting hot/cold water and drainage if the new BBQ has a sink
  • Repairing blocked or broken jets, or resolving low or high pressure issues if caused by the regulator

Benefits of using natural gas for your BBQ

Natural gas is generally safer, as it removes the need for a high pressure gas cylinder. That means no gas cylinder located under or next to the BBQ while you are using it, and no need to regularly connect or disconnect gas cylinders, so there is less risk of a leak.

And you will never have your gas run out again, so you can say goodbye to the inconvenience of going to service station to get a refill, or having to store a second cylinder at home.

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