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A plumbing fitting is designed to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, and to adapt to different sizes and shapes in pipe and plumbing systems. Fittings are typically manufactured out of brass, aluminum, plastic, PVC or copper, and the types commonly used by registered plumbers include elbows, tees, crosses, couplings, caps and unions. Plumbing fittings are required to install all water supply and waste drainage lines, including the pipes that connect fixtures and appliances.

Every PAV Plumbing Sydney tradesman is a registered plumber to ensure your plumbing fitting or installation work is done correctly the first time. In the kitchen we can quickly install a new dishwasher or kitchen sink, extending water supply and waste drainage lines where necessary, as well as connect a replacement insinkerator or gas stove. In the laundry we can connect washing machines and install laundry tubs. In the bathroom we can install all the plumbing fittings needed to connect a new bath, shower and/or toilet, or a new bathroom vanity unit. Outside we can install replacement roof guttering and downpipes, Leafguard in your gutters, and new garden hose taps.

Avoid incorrect plumbing fitting installations and repairs

Why use a registered plumber for your plumbing fitting work? A registered plumber has completed a trade course lasting a minimum of 4 years (and is thus considered a tradesman). At this stage, such a tradesman will also work under another licensed plumber until they have completed a further two year course to get their own license. This adds up to a lot of years of training and experience.

Using a registered plumber for all plumbing fitting work is the best way to avoid an incorrect installation and the need for further work in the future. This will mean a professional installation by a tradesman who knows the right material and fitting to use. All plumbing fitting work carried out by a PAV registered plumber is guaranteed for 12 months. We only use materials of the highest quality, and these materials are subject to the manufacturers' warranty. Our vehicles are fully stocked with pipes and parts - including brass, plastic and PVC fittings - so that we can complete the work we do for you fast. And in the event that we don't stock the item that you need or want, we have accounts with all the major suppliers and can locate it for you.

Call PAV Plumbing Sydney any more information on booking a registered plumber for all your plumbing fitting work.

"I have dealt with many plumbers over the years and you have been, without a doubt, the most helpful and professional. Thank you once again for the excellent service you have provided." Julie K
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