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Hot water heater repairs, replacements and installations

PAV Plumbing is fully qualified and experienced to assist with the repair, replacement or installation of all types of hot water heaters. For split hot water heaters, we can provide emergency advice over the phone to minimise any damage - including assistance with turning off the water supply, and isolating gas or electric supply to the tank.

We are fully compliant with Australian Standards which require that a tempering valve be installed with all new storage hot water heaters. We also install pressure limiting valves to prolong tank life and meet manufacturers' installation requirements.

Get steaming hot water flowing again super fast.

  • > Fast response service for split or leaking hot water heaters
  • > Replacement of hot water systems on the same day - nobody wants to go without hot water!
  • > Replacing electric storage hot water heaters with efficient and space saving gas continuous flow hot water heaters
  • > Repairing gas and electric storage hot water heaters
  • > Getting gas water heaters operating again the pilot light has gone out

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Important note when installing a new hot water heater
Ensure that your plumber installs a tempering valve with all new storage hot water heaters (as required by Australian Standards). It is also worth installing a pressure limiting valve to limit water pressure to manufacturers' specifications and ensure the life of hot water tank is maximised.

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"I have dealt with many plumbers over the years and you have been, without a doubt, the most helpful and professional. Thank you once again for the excellent service you have provided." Julie K
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