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High Pressure Drain Cleaner

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A high pressure drain cleaner is a plumbing tool that is used to clear a blocked sewer or stormwater line. The nozzle of the plumbing tool is put into the sewer or stormwater line or pipe through an inspection opening (access point). When turned on it will blast water down the line and dislodge whatever is causing the blocked sewer or stormwater line.

Water jetter or electric eel - which is more effective against blocked sewers?

A high pressure drain cleaner can also be known as a water jetter or a water blaster. Another plumbing tool that can be used to clear a blocked sewer or stormwater line is a plumbing electric eel (also known as a plumbers snake). This plumbing tool is a steel cable with a cutter on the end that will spin and chew through the blockage.

Of the two plumbing tools we find that the high pressure drain cleaner generally does a better job. It is cleaner for the surrounding area - often the customers' bathroom or laundry - and can gain access more easily through a vent or toilet pan. It is also more effective against grease, and completely flushes the line of all material causing the blockage. Further, the high pressure drain cleaner is as effective 50 metres down the line as it is at the inspection opening. The electric eel on the other hand will leave the cleared blockage in the line, and is less effective the further it goes down the line.

In most cases, the high pressure drain cleaner or electric eel reveal that tree roots searching for water have broken into the sewer or stormwater line and caused the blockage. These plumbing tools would only clear what is currently in the line. In some cases a camera inspection of the line may thus be necessary to determine the exactly where the problem is.

To avoid needing a high pressure drain cleaner (water jetter), electric eel or any other plumbing tool to clear you sewer or stormwater line, we recommend that customers don't plant large trees near their sewer and stormwater lines. These are generally located on the borders of your property.

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